About the Project

I am excited about this community public art project after the jury selected my Connecting Histories proposal for the public art installed in the Millican/Ogden community, Calgary, Alberta. This artwork aims to have a deeper look at the rich history of this community and connect the historical places, public history, private stories to its current residents and the city.

This public artwork will take the initiative to map places of historic and personal importance in the Augmented Reality format. This artwork will combine small sculptural landmarks located in park areas and location-specific virtual artwork inspired and contributed by Millican/Ogden residents and their histories in the community.

We started to research these topics with the first community walks in September. The participating community members proposed a list of  meaningful locations in public park areas of which 5 will be selected based on accessibility, logistics and engineering requirements. An updated and finalized map will be revealed in our following meetup on November 3rd at MOCA Hall, 2:30 PM.

— Oksana Kryzhanivska


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